200 Ton Semi Multi Axle Trailer

Large Transportation 200 Ton Semi Trailer Multi Axle Trailer


Multi Axle Trailer is a kind of hydraulic axle trailer. It is also called hydraulic platform trailer. Titan multi axle trailer mainly transport large and heavy project, such as factory equipment, transformer, heavy machinery, etc. The most popular mode is 150tons and 200 tons multi axle trailer.



The Titan multi axle trailers consist of hydraulic cylinder suspension, high tensile steel frame, diesel engine, hydraulic and mechanical steering system. The application of multi axle trailer is for long distance road transport of oversized and abnormal load equipment. Each multi axle trailer could be connected end by end (longitudinal combination) and side by side (latitudinal combination), to finish various tough and enormous transport job mechanical suspension trailer (conventional) can not make it.



Competitive Advantage:

Due to heavy transports vehicle, the multi axle trailer is ideally suited for the transport of particularly heavy or over loads.

Its greater steering angle and the low loading platform height additionally guarantees optimum maneuverability with the highest possible payload.




The trailer can be equipped with either hydraulic suspension.

Hydraulic steering systems can be used:




The TITAN multi axle trailer is suitable for the transportation of the following goods:

1. Heavy machinery

2. Factory equipment

3. Project application

4. Bridge elements

5. Other bulky goods and long material


Multi Axle Trailer 01

Multi Axle trailer 02

Multi Axle Trailer 03






Multi Axle Trailer

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